Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about KY-OOOTE (cute) shoes! A couple of my doctors — plastic surgeon and podiatrist that deal with my feet do not share my vision in KY-OOOTE shoes. Hmph. Whatever. My plastic surgeon discharged me a few months ago, but it didn’t stop him from asking me if I would get orthopedic shoes. When I stopped laughing I said no way in hell would those be on MY feet. Do you know how ugly those shoes are? Never going to happen.

I wanted to know how I could keep my feet safe and sore free so I went and saw my podiatrist last week. He asked if I could keep them elevated and without shoes all the time and I said that isn’t an option. He didn’t like my BLUE etnies that I had on that day or any of the other KY-OOOTE shoes I own so he makes the suggestion that I either get a pair of UGGS or a pair of CROCS. THE butt ass ugliest shoes in the world!! I don’t mind UGGS, but Spring is right around the corner and I don’t think they will look too good with capris. Being the smart I ass I am asked oh so sweetly – so high heeled sandals are out for the summer? He clinched his heart and said stop, you’re killing me. Don’t ever say something like that around me ever again. Little does he know I am looking for a cute pair of heeled sandals for the summer. *snicker*

There is a bright side to this. Since a doctor recommended these shoes — dad said he would pay after all it is a medical necessity. After some searching of the online stores I found a cute pair of UGG boots that look like normal leather boots. Not the big puffy ones that seem to be so popular.  I can’t say I’ll never wear CROCS – I’m somewhat hesitant, but would be willing to try a pair on. I can’t believe I just said that. I thought I would die without ever wearing em, but everyone tells me they are so comfortable. Be a long shot if I try em, but wouldn’t be so bad for just wearing around the house.


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