What Not To Wear

I absolutely LOVE this show. Stacy and Clinton crack me up with their one liners. I look forward to watching it on Saturday afternoons when I should be doing homework or something more productive with my life, but it comes on at 1 PM so I tend to watch it while eating lunch. Not only is it funny – I love the fashion transformations they make the women go through. I would love for them to come make over me and my closet. Not that my style needs a lot of fine tuning, but it could use a little tune up. I would let them have all the power in my closet EXCEPT they couldn’t touch my Dallas Cowboys stuff and I do have a lot of it.

I do take some tips I have seen from the show and apply it when I go shopping. Dark straight jeans are in my closet now and I must say – they do make me look thinner. Still trying to find that balance of what sort of tops to wear – I go from t-shirts and sweaters to really fancy and I need to find a happy medium in the middle for just every day wear.

Carmindy has great make-up tips. Having big browns eyes I can wear just about any color eye shadow, but the two main tips I have taken away from her is a high light eye shadow and applying a good moisturizer before applying foundation. It helps a lot.

A new hairstyle can make the world of difference  in how you look and feel and I did that on my own this year by chopping a foot of hair off. I’m loving it now with the new color and it being tapered from the back to the front. I’m not really sure where I want to go with my hair at this point. I’m not sure if I want to keep it short or grow it out again. I’ll probably change my mind a few more times before making a definite decision.

So if you need fashion advice or are looking to update your look just a little bit I suggest checking out What Not To Wear on TLC.


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