A Great Day

Yesterday started off with finding out Sevendust is coming back to town in May, their new album rocks, and a gloomy cloudy snowing morning turned into a bright sunny afternoon and ended the day by being with a great guy. Doesn’t get much better than that, eh? I wasn’t sure how everything was going to progress as I have been questioning some things. Nothing bad. Some questions have been answered, some have not, but that’s OK for now.

Jimmy Johns was pretty good. Nothing special, but decent. They put alfalfa sprouts aka HAY on their sandwiches and I was going to order it without like the tomato, but I thought I would try it. Our hockey game was canceled as they didn’t have any accessible seats left. Hopefully we can get some tickets to the playoff games as I am looking forward to learning hockey.

It was after 7 by the time we got back to the truck so a movie was out so I texted Carrie for some quick date ideas. Sioux Falls is really boring for dating, especially this time of year. She came up with goofy golf which would be great fun, but none of our miniature golf courses are open nor do I think they are very accessible. We decided to try bowling again though we feared we would run into league play with how early it was. As we are driving towards the bowling alley I decided on a whim we should just go over to Gigglebees which is a Chuckie Cheese with bumper cars and laser tag.

Since I met Nathan I have been talking up about what a great hockey player I am. I am the Forrest Gump of air hockey. Well, not really. I only kick ass because I sorta cheat. I don’t intentionally cheat – it’s just that I can’t help it. I sit sideways up against the table which puts my arm near or on the table at times. Apparently any type of hockey wasn’t in the cards for us tonight. The air hockey table was moved to the back of the building between two walls and the space was just wide enough for a person to get through. So much for showing off my skills tonight. Well, my air hockey skills.

We decided to play some other competitive two player games like ski ball, pin ball, and a couple of others. We went through 24 tokens in a half hour. We accumulated a bunch of tickets between the two of us and neither of us wanted the crap they offer so I asked Nathan if it was OK if I gave the tickets away to some little kid. He was fine with that. Oddly there were more teenagers and people older than Nathan and I then little kids in the place. By the time we were done there were probably two little kids left in the place. There was a little girl up at the counter with her daddy and she had maybe 15 tickets so I went up to them and asked if she could use some more tickets. Dad said yes with a big grin and when I handed them all to her she lit up like a Christmas tree. He thanked us and when she settled down from the excitement she said thank you too.

It was still early so we hit a coffee shop to sit and talk and just get to know each other more. We ended the date about 10:45. He’s a really good kisser and I like where things are going. He is still shy about opening up, but I hope that changes as we get to know each other better. We are going out on Saturday to Texas Road House, a movie, and a couple of drinks afterwards. I have a feeling I will be writing about him more.


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  1. Sounds like you didn’t need my help at all. :)

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