He Makes Me Smile

Before I started dating Nathan I was at this point that maybe the whole dating thing wasn’t for me and maybe just being alone for awhile would be better. I mean the guys I was being set up with or the guys I was picking were real winners. I was a bit timid when Nathan and I went on our first date because he was very shy, but his sweetness when he opened up was what calmed my nerves.

Last night he opened up to me on how he feels about me and where he sees things with us and he really likes where it is going. That is good because I like where things are going with us too. He admitted that at first he didn’t know what to expect with going out with someone in a wheelchair, but he said with me there is no difference. It is difficult at times to read those shy guys in what they want or are thinking.

He really is a good guy. He doesn’t have any prior convictions nor has ever been to jail which seemed to be the norm of my past few boyfriends. What the hell was I thinking? Don’t get me wrong most of us girls like a little bit of the bad boy image, but maybe, just maybe we just say that because what we really want is the good guy. I have a good guy in my life right now and I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.


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