Jam Packed Night

We started out last night with dinner at Nutty’s North. I was a little apprehensive about going there since I haven’t been there since they practically dropped me down the stairs, but they finally got the elevator fixed. I have this card my dad got that has buy one get one free dinners at a bunch of restaurants in town and Nutty’s is one of the places. Nathan buys a lot of things and it’s always good to save when you can when going out. Other than a few dirty looks from one of the workers that was there that night in July – things went smoothly.

Nathan let me wear one of his Minnesota Gopher hockey jerseys for the hockey game and it was HUGE. There was room for two of me in this thing. It was bigger than any football jersey I own, but I still looked totally adorable in it. I ordered the tickets through the Internet and requested to pick them up at Will Call. We had a few problems in getting the tickets at the Will Call window, but it didn’t take long to resolve the problems. I was beginning to think I was destined not to see the Stampede play this year.

Of course we run into the Stampede mascot and I don’t want to say I am scared of mascots because that is too strong of a word, but I do dislike them. Not as much as clowns or scary mask guys, but they do bug me. Kind of a weird phobia I know. He handed us a playoff towel and I accepted it with a sweet thank you as I wheeled by him fast. A guy takes us to our seats on the other side of the arena and they were right off the ice. As I am wheeling up the ramp – who do I see? One of my exes and his dad. I thought it was going to be really awkward, but it wasn’t. They made enough room so we didn’t have to sit behind them as they are quite tall. We all had a good time and we were all civil.

This was my first hockey game and I don’t know a thing about the sport, but I am eager to learn now. It’s so exciting!! Nathan says he is willing to teach me and I know quite a few other hockey lovers that will give me some pointers. It’s quite fast so by the time you want to ask a question about what just happened they are already on the other end of the ice. I didn’t learn football in one day and I will just have to be patient when it comes to learning hockey. I think Nathan will need the patience as I ask A LOT of questions.

After the game we met up with Joshers for a bit and chatted with him in the parking lot to see what he is up to. I am worried about him and about ready to kick his ass as he has this “I don’t care” attitude right now and I think it is over his last girlfriend and he tells me he is sick, but won’t go to the doctor. It bums me out so I need to set up a friend date and talk some sense into that boy as I do care for him a lot.

After that Nathan and I went to Rookies for Chris’s going away party. It was so packed so we didn’t stay long and I didn’t feel like drinking. We stayed long enough for me to chat with Chris and say goodbye and try and talk him into saying, but I can’t blame him for wanting to move to Phoenix. I will miss my Cowboys buddy, but hopefully I will see him when I visit Dallas. I did get a wonderful massage from Nathan while we waited for Chris. He gives the best massages. Sigh.

We ended the night by going to Perkins for something sweet and something warm to drink and some alone time which was needed after all the festivities of the night.


2 responses to “Jam Packed Night

  1. Mascots weird me out too. I saw a CSI episode once where all these people get dressed up in costumes kinda like mascots and have sex parties. I never looked at a mascot the same since. lol.

  2. Oh my! Ewww! I saw that episode too and thought it was insane and creepy to say the least. The look on Katherine’s face summed up what I thought of it. ICK! OK – never really looked at mascots in that way before but now I’m more creeped out.

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