2008 NFL Schedules Are Out!!

I’m so freaking excited. The 2008 NFL Schedules came out yesterday so now I know when MY Cowboys are playing who. Gosh this must sound pretty pathetic that I get excited over the upcoming schedule, but that’s part of my addiction to the Dallas Cowboys. This also gives me a chance to plan on what games I want to possibly see in Dallas. I am looking at the Redskins in September. I really really want to see a rival team this year as our last year in Texas Stadium.

MY Cowboys have 6 prime time games and I’m sure most if not all the rival games will be televised. Looking at the schedule we have no excuses not to win most of them. The rival games will be the toughest of course because we are, if not thetoughest division in the NFL and I see the Steelers giving us a good game. The Packers will be contenders, but that will depend on how well Rogers is doing at QB for them. They have a great running game, but you can’t survive on that. I sure am going to miss playing Favre though.

Watching ESPN and NFL Network analyze the schedules last night and today they are all saying MY Cowboys will be the best team in the NFC. I hate that. Yes, we won 13 games last year, but you can’t really say we are the best because well, that’s too soon to tell and we weren’t the best last year. The Giants were. Game by game we were probably better in the season, but the Giants stepped it up in the playoffs when we looked tired and not like a team that should be in the playoffs. OK – that’s pessimistic and realistic Kristi coming out. I want a Super Bowl probably more than anyone and I hope we get there this year. It has been far too long for the Cowboys and their fans.

The draft is 10 days away and I’m excited and scared to death. I’m scared because we haven’t signed Marion Barber yet and we lowered his tender. It is like we are dangling Barber out on a fishhook waiting for a team to take him. It’s been a rumor for months that Jerry Jones wants to sign Darren McFadden in the draft and to get him we would have to make some trades to move up in the draft to get him. Miami has the number one pick, but Parcells hates having that pick and I’m sure he will do some handy work to get rid of it for some players. He likes his former players and Barber would be one and I would cry if he wasn’t a Dallas Cowboy. I’m not saying McFadden isn’t good, but he isn’t Marion Barber! Jones has denied that he is going to take McFadden, but he lies A LOT to tell the fans what we want to hear, not what we want to happen. It’s kinda split on who wants Barber and who wants McFadden.

I’m seeing more and more new football talk on the channels and that’s getting me excited for spring training, training camp, preseason, and the first Cowboys game on September 7th! Did I mention that I am addicted? I hate that football has such an extremely long offseason. I have Dale Jr. to keep me occupied in the mean time.


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