This morning I woke up in tears from a dream I had. I had two could be realistic dreams. One was about sex with Nathan. Nothing happened as my monthly visitor decided to show up and I am one of those girls that cannot have sex during that time of the month. Now, those of you that read my blog know when I will and will not have sex. Ha ha ha!

The other dream that had me crying had me in the hospital. It wasn’t any normal hospital stay as it looked more like a slumber party with all the girls there, but I remember my grandpa coming to visit me. The girls and I were hanging out what seemed to be like a hotel lobby and were about to eat, but I just was not hungry. A man, a very freaky looking man delivered a bouquet of daisies to me with a letter from my dad. Before he walked into the lobby area he held up this creepy sign and for the life of me I can’t remember what it said, but I had an uneasy feeling about this delivery man. He set the daisies down and handed me a letter from my dad. I thought it was strange that I was getting daisies because when I am in the hospital I usually get roses or flowers with bright colors to them to brighten up my room.

In the dream I thought to myself that it was weird I was getting daisies as I have never gotten them from my dad before. I took the letter and began to read it. It started off with saying that he couldn’t ask for a better daughter and he would always miss me. It was almost like reading my obituary which is not an easy thing to read in a dream. The letter was like two pages long, but I only read the first few lines as I was crying in my dream and crying when I woke up.

I know what and where the sex dream came from. That one is a no brainer, but the one about being in the hospital and the letter is a mystery to me. It was very powerful and very emotional to say the least.


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