Saturday night was so amazing. We had planned to go out with Stacy and Eric for some drinks after bowling, but they just went home. I’m really glad they did. Nathan told me earlier at bowling he had gotten a hotel room. Earlier in the week he said he was planning on getting one if he got really drunk at the Storm game, but since he wasn’t drunk when he got to bowling I didn’t think he had gotten one. I have to say my eyes lit up when he said he got a hotel room. I don’t mind making out in Witten, but at times it is not the most comfortable. So we did what every new couple who is totally hot for each other – we went to the hotel which was right up the street from the bowling alley.

I don’t know if a small part of fate paid a role in this or not as we get to the room I can tell it is a handicap room because the door has an extra peep hole that is lower. Nathan freaked out a little bit and was like I didn’t plan this – it was the only room they had available. I told him it was totally cool and I knew he didn’t plan it. Hell, I didn’t even know he had a hotel room until like an hour before we went.

I wanted to cuddle with him so much that it didn’t take me long to get into bed with him. It felt so good to lay in his big strong arms, be next to his warm body as I am always cold. We just laid there for a while talking and cuddling and it felt so right to be there. I had so many butterflies at that moment. When laying together he wanted to reassure me that he totally didn’t plan any of this and I told him again not to worry about it. I was glad it happened.

We kissed passionately and it didn’t take long for it to progress to more making out and then to sex. I wanted it, he wanted it and it was so perfect. He met everyone of my needs. He is so romantic when it comes to love making. It’s not about him – it was all about me. Don’t worry. He got spoiled too. We have been wanting this passion for at least a couple of weeks, but with him currently living with his parents and me with mine until he gets his own place in the next month or two we were forced to wait. Or so we thought. It couldn’t have been more perfect that night.

When I got home I got the normal insecurities I usually have after being with a new man for the first time. I have had men have sex with me and then totally ditch me after it. I know Nathan isn’t like that because like I have stated before I do trust him, but that still doesn’t stop me from being insecure. I didn’t expect to hear from him until Sunday night sometime and we didn’t get much sleep so I dropped him a quick email stating my insecurities and asking some questions. I guess with my past it is hard not to be insecure sometimes. I so strong in many other ways, but new relationships I worry. I got a reply from him Sunday afternoon totally reassuring me I have nothing to worry about. He made me melt with his words. I’m sure I will still ask some questions for reassurance, but I’m going to try and not to do it because Nathan is one of a kind.

Could he be my Mr. Right? It’s too soon to tell, but I have a really good feeling about him. Everyone adores him, especially ME!

With that said. Who knew that one day I would be posting about my sex life for god knows to read about it. I could have made this post private, but it’s not like I gave porno details of everything went on. The modern day diary is now a blog.


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