Mushings (moo-shings). Funny word isn’t it? It’s a Stacy word. She came over yesterday and she says to me I think Nathan is your mushings. I’m like he is my what? What the hell are mushings? She begins to explain to me that mushings are all the best qualities of say your last six ex boyfriends all mushed into one man.

I’ve been pondering the last six men I have dated and none of them even compare to what and who Nathan is. I’m sure if I really thought about it I could find one wonderful quality from each of them whether it be good job, intelligence, etc. Eric is Stacy’s mushings, but I really don’t think Nathan is my mushings not because he doesn’t exude wonderful qualities, but because he is his own man because he exudes those wonderful qualities himself.

Nathan is who is based upon how he was raised and his very own life experiences. I don’t want to compare him or compare my exes to him because there is no point to it. I’m not saying mushings are a bad thing, I just don’t think mushings are for me.


One response to “Mushings

  1. So I am just catching up on the past couples entries here….and I just wanna say I am happy for you! :)

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