Meet The Parents

I did it. I survived. I breathed. I met Nate’s parents. I was in panic attack mode for most of the week and it was really bad Friday and up until we met Saturday afternoon. Nate and everyone else told me not to worry and I shouldn’t but I always do when it comes to meeting the parents for the first time. You want to make a good impression and not mess anything up especially since you really like their son.

I thought I was going to pee my pants in the truck. Good thing I didn’t have a lot to drink that day, but a shot (or 5) of tequila probably would have settled my nerves nicely when I was sitting in my truck waiting for them to arrive at Olive Garden. I texted Carrie and she sent me a pep talk text and reminded me to breathe and have fun. That’s easier said that done, but when it was all over it wasn’t bad at all.

They are really sweet and that doesn’t surprise me because Nate is a sweetheart. It was a little awkward and really quiet at first. Nate didn’t help matters as he was Mr. Quiet at the table. He didn’t introduce us either so his dad took the liberty and I shook hands with both his mom and dad at the table. His dad got me talking about football and sometimes I can’t stop. We were all laughing at the table and got to know each other pretty well for the most part. Talked about everything for a good hour or so. Nate was still very quiet. I even leaned over to him and said “you are being so quiet today.” I don’t know if he was taking it all in or what.

They wanted me to come over to their house for movies, but I was petrified I was going to get their house dirty if the grass was just wet, but Mother Nature decided to dump a ton of snow on South Dakota all day Friday. Nate told me Thursday not to worry, but I was really concerned about it. The snow had all melted in Sioux Falls, but up by Dell Rapids they still had a bunch so his dad said as we were going to the truck that they will have to have me over to the house sometime when it gets nicer and play cards.

I’m pretty sure it went OK. I hope it did. I talked to Nate tonight and he wouldn’t give me much on what they said about me other than they said I was nice. He likes to tease me and keep me guessing. Nice is good and I’ll go with that for now. Hopefully he will tell me more things. A girl likes a little bit of feedback.

I’m sure I’m going to be a little nervous the next few times we meet up for anything, but hopefully those nerves settle soon. I still feel a little nervous about it all typing it tonight.


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