Sick Little Guy

Friday Jeanette brought Joshua up for a visit with my mom and me. It couldn’t have been a worse day for us to get together to go out to eat as it was pouring outside and it was cold and windy. On top of that Joshua was getting his back molars in and wasn’t feeling the best so he was extremely cranky, but Jeanette thought he would be OK. When she got here she told me he threw up that morning and also had some diareha. I wish she would have told me — I would have understood if they couldn’t have made it, but I know she didn’t want to disappoint us and my mom hasn’t seen them since before Christmas.

We had lunch at Culvers and he was extremely cranky. He is a mama’s boy, but he is usually OK if she is in visual distance. She couldn’t even go to the pop machine which was two feet away from us without him screaming. For a little while we were having fun with Cheerios. I would put one on the end of my tongue and he would grab it with his hands and then he would eat it and than giggle. It was so cute. He wasn’t eating much baby food, but she said he loved ice cream so we each got some and he loves to feed himself now.

We came back to my house so my mom could see Joshua, but he was very clingy to Jeanette. More so then usual. She sat with him in the recliner where he proceeded to projectile vomit everywhere. It was so disgusting. Jeanette got him and her all cleaned up and we put his clothes in the washing machine and I told her that it was OK for them to leave early with him being sick. She felt so bad, but really it was for the better that they go home. Before she left she hoped that I wouldn’t get sick. More on that to come.

I got word from Jared that night that he puked a couple of more times when they got home, but he was finally sleeping. Jeanette emailed me today that he was back to his old self now, but he didn’t stop throwing up until Sunday. I’m so glad the little guy is feeling better, but projectile vomiting is by far the most disgusting thing ever!


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