Stacy’s Soccer Fundraiser

Saturday Nate and I went to Stacy’s soccer fundraiser at the Upper Cut. We made it there by 1:30 and started drinking right away. I started off with the free beer that we got with our 10 dollar all you can eat and drink tickets. After a couple of beers I wanted my UV Blue and Lemonade’s that were 2 for 1 and Nate was so sweet to get for me a couple of times. As I got more tipsy I wanted to be part of the crew so I took over marker duty of those that were coming in and marking them with a star. TJ gave me that power. I also wrote names on people’s cups. I felt way important.

A couple of Nate’s coworkers were there and he introduced me to them. They knew about me, but have never have met me. From what he has told me a lot of them didn’t believe Nate that I was in a wheelchair. He has to convince them of it. I met Brad and Corey and I believe the first meeting with them went well. They were both very nice. Apparently when Nate was bringing Corey up to meet me, they were talking to Brad and he told Corey that I was a real sweetheart. Brad bought us a round of tequila shots after the fundraiser was over. It was a good time just talking with him and his wife.

They had a raffle that consisted of mostly junk, but junk can be quite exciting to win when you are drunk. Corey couldn’t stay long so he gave me his raffle tickets and I won comedy club tickets for four. Nate won a water bottle and also gave that to me. You wouldn’t believe the cheers and screams for the shit being raffled off. Ha!

We also watched the Kentucky Derby while we were there. It was bittersweet with Big Brown the favorite winning, but one of my horses Eight Belles breaking both her ankles and having to be euthanized on the track was so very heartbreaking. A beautiful horse gone too soon. My eight horse, Visionaire didn’t even finish in the money. There is always next year.

Stacy had a good turnout for the fundraiser and I hope she was able to raise enough money to pay for uniforms and the fee. I know it was $550 bucks, plus the cost of the uniforms aka T-Shirts.


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