The Flu Got Me

Well, looks like the little guy got me sick too. I haven’t been sick in a long long time, but this flu really hit me so little Joshua wasn’t just sick from teething. I play a Cheerios game with him where I put a Cheerio on the end of my tongue and he grabs it and eats it. Well, had I known he was that sick I wouldn’t have done it. Sick baby hands and my mouth equals germ city.

After Nate left for home I transferred into bed and my stomach hurt really bad. It was really upset and I have had more stomach aches then usual and I chalked that up to me going off of Pepcid. We had one Pepto left in the house and I took that, but it wasn’t helping. I felt like shit. Nate called when he got home letting me know he arrived safely and he could tell I didn’t sound good. He felt bad that my tummy hurt so bad and told me to feel better.

After an hour or so the Pepto hadn’t helped much so I decided to just lay down and try and get some sleep rather than staying up. I crashed for probably a good hour, but woke up in extreme stomach pain and feeling worse. I was running a small fever, but nothing serious. I sat up and let out a huge burp which helped a little, but then all of a sudden I knew I was going to throw up. I leaned over and made it into the garbage can thankfully and did feel way better after that, but man — throwing up is by far the grossest thing ever. I hate it. I tied up the garbage and was going to put in another bag, but there were none. I tried calling one of my parents, but neither were getting up. I hoped for the rest of the night that I wasn’t going to throw up anymore.

This flu really kicked my ass. I didn’t sleep much after throwing up. I was tossing and turning from being too hot or too cold and I was extremely dehydrated. I ended up sleeping all day Monday. I didn’t eat much of anything. A few bites of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup here and there, but that’s about it. Tuesday I was able to eat a whole can and some egg noodles for supper. I still have an upset tummy, but my energy is back and hopefully the stomach aches go away soon. I talked to Nate and he says he feels fine. I would feel horrible if I made him sick with his older brother and his family coming in this weekend. Thankfully I do not have any finals to study for this week.


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