Sevendust 5-11-08

I love these guys so much and their show on Sunday night was great! It is hard to believe that I met them all for the first time 10 years ago this coming June. Back then I was this shy 18 year old girl, pretty naive to the rock n roll world and thought it was the coolest thing in the world to be backstage with a band. Don’t get me wrong — I still think it is cool to be backstage at a concert, but I’m pretty used to it now.

Dad and I went out about 2 to see if anyone was around and make sure they would have a good spot for me. We ran into Andy Pandy right away and he wasn’t in the best mood, but he said he would take care of me and when I come back park in front of the bus and go through the band door. Too cool. I felt really important by getting that spot. Every band member and roadie kept coming up to me telling me how cool Witten was.

As I am getting out of the truck Morgan is walking to the bus with a big case of beer. He was happy to see the truck and me of course and after he put his beer away he came over and gave me some love as he admired Witten. Andy took us inside and gave us our passes. I thought we were just going to get sticker passes like usual, but Andy Pandy shocked me and gave Dad and I laminates for the entire 2008 tour. Lajon told Andy to give me one last tour, but it never happened so I was tickled pink to get em for this tour. He told Josh that he has known us for a long time and since he didn’t know Josh very well he gets a sticker one. Josh really wanted a laminate, but you have to put in years to get one buddy.

We went back and forth between bands and backstage. Depending on how many songs we wanted to hear or how loud it was. The first two bands were just OK. The first band covered Shine by Collective Soul and they did a really good job with it and the crowd loved it. Security kicked me out from watching up front and that pissed me off. I couldn’t really see anywhere else nor could the other people in wheelchairs. Going back and forth though we ran into the rest of the guys from Sevendust and I got a lot love from em.

Black Stone Cherry fucking rocks hard core! I recognized a lot of their songs and I highly recommend them. They are harder band, but their drummer is bad ass cool. He has this massive amount of curly hair and just a wild man on the drums. More so than Morgan and that’s shocking because anyone who has seen Morgan drum knows he is bad ass mother fucker on the drums. I really wanted to meet the drummer and after the show I saw him. I went up to him and complimented how bad ass he was. I was quite excited to meet him. He was so animated on stage and he was so sweet in person. We introduced ourselves and his name is John Fred, not just John – John Fred. He had a very thick Kentucky accent. I asked if I could get a picture with him and he’s like hell yeah, but how would you like a whole band picture? I was like oooh, you can do that? He’s like you bet I can and boom the whole band was surrounding me. When I went up to talk to John Fred the rest of the band wasn’t there so they just appeared out of thin air. They were all very nice and totally cool for the very short meeting we had. They were on their way out of town when I finally got a chance to talk with em.

Sevendust rocked the house! They played a great set. I and I’m sure the band was disappointed in the crowd turn out. There was maybe 500 people. That really sucks because they sold out the same venue last time. I don’t know if this was because it was Mother’s Day, finals week, etc. I hope this doesn’t sour them from coming back because they do love coming here. Though I am glad that Pepper Entertainment lost money on the show because hopefully that means Jay and his fat ass doesn’t get paid that much.

Morgan was telling us that they are headed over to Afghanistan and Iraq in June and when they come back they are going to go on tour with Shinedown or Alterbridge. I would love for them to go on tour with Shinedown — that would be such a killer lineup as would Alterbridge. I would like to see Alterbridge as I have never seen them before and do like their music. Either band it will be a good show. Hopefully it stops in Sioux Falls or somewhere close. I’ll be traveling for that show either way.

There were a few minor problems with security and they will get their Karma someday. Other than that it was a great fun packed night.


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