Cookie Wins American Idol!!

MY David won. It was two years ago on April 21st that I saw David play one of his final Axium shows in Lincoln, NE with one of my best buds Carrie and now he is the new AMERICAN IDOL! I couldn’t be more happy or more proud and this couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. He is an all around great guy and his dream is coming true. Like I told him in so many My Space emails — the world NEEDS to hear your voice doll face. It is too good for them not to. I’m a smart girl — I KNEW he would be a rock star one day.

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t want him to win. I wanted him to be on the show long enough to get enough exposure to get a record deal so he could do his thing. Well, he is going to be able to do his thing with a million dollar contract.

I had a feeling he was going to win when watching the TV Guide Channel and Paula saying what she did and Simon retracting what he said last night and calling it a draw. When he apologized in front of EVERYONE I knew it was pretty much in the bag. I still screamed when they announced his name and was brought to tears yet again. David beat the odds. Not only did he perform first, but he demolished his competition. 12 million more votes baby!! Hell Yeah!!

I will miss seeing him on TV every week, but I won’t miss voting my little fingers off and hearing that dreaded busy signal or that voice recording of Thanks for voting for contestant one. Tune into…blah blah blah.

I really enjoyed the Finale Show and the humorous commercials. The skit with Mike Meyers was HILARIOUS! David could very well have a future in acting too. The Guitar Hero commercial shocked me, but I cannot tell a lie I enjoyed it immensely. David with ZZ Top was AWESOME and he so looked in his element up there with them. I liked him in just the T-Shirt and Jeans. I wasn’t really liking the suits and jackets these last few weeks. Some were better than others, but he was STYLIN tonight! And I absolutely love his new hairdo and the scrufflies. He would be shocked to hear that since I used to ask him to shave his goatee down so when I did call him doll face he would actually be one. He did actually shave it off for a bit and he looks great either way.

Congrats David Cook!! You deserve it buddy!

Here are few pictures from that itty bitty dive bar.

David Cook 4-21-06David Cook 4-21-06

David and I - pretty drunk


One response to “Cookie Wins American Idol!!

  1. At least all the anxiety is over…he completely deserves it!

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