Wheelchair Shopping

I saw my rehab doc on Thursday afternoon and she agreed that I need a new chair. Wonderful. I have a piece of shit stuck to my ass. Not, that kind of shit, but my Quickie GT wheelchair. I thought the wording for that was fitting though. Ha!

This chair has been nothing but problems since I got it in September 2005 and that’s because my current, now FIRED DME is a useless moron that doesn’t deserve to breathe air. He is worse than any sleazy car salesman out there, but most DME’s are. I should have known it was going to be a disaster with Kreiser’s when I ordered the chair in APRIL and I didn’t get it until SEPTEMBER.

It looks brand new, but my posture is HORRIBLE in it. I slouch really badly and we have tried adjusting it with PT (since the moron could never be bothered to fix it) and it helped some, but not a whole lot. The back bolt that holds me into the chair snapped in half when I was backing my truck out of Guitar Center. It took everything in me to drive home without the chair totally collapsing. It totally collapsed when I got into the garage. My handles, footplate, and brakes have been reoccurring problems that I have given up on fixing.

I have been looking on line at different brands as I will never ever sit in a Quickie again. I’m taking a serious look at the Ti-Lite or Colours wheelchairs. They seem to be the most popular on the SCI board. My doc is going to call me with a day where I can come over to Sanford and go through a seating clinic and try out a bunch of chairs. That’s a new thing for me. Vendors in the past have told me what chair to get and we just get it whether it be right or wrong. I have been paralyzed 13 years and have yet to fit in a chair correctly. I have a couple of emails out to people who know chairs to get some tips from them on what to and not to do. I’m going to get the perfect chair this time around if it kills me.

I’m most looking forward to sitting up straight, breathing so much better, and with sitting up straight the girls will be higher and I will look taller and thinner. ALL major pluses. On top of that — I think it will improve my lower back pain and this pain I have in my ribs. Slouching is probably causing those pains. It definitely can’t be helping them.

It’ll be a slow process to get a new chair, but hopefully it goes quicker than the last time. It has to. Doc said she would write the script for what I want after I get fitted. I’m looking forward to this, but dreading it at the same time. I’m going to stand my ground though and insist they get the chairs I want to try too. I’m not falling for this well, they don’t carry those kinds of chairs here garbage. Sanford has all this money, they can definitely get a few wheelchairs shipped in to try.


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