Cartoon Discoveries

I was on my arm bike this morning and trying to find something entertaining while I pedal. Makes the 20 minutes on the bike go by faster. On the Cartoon Network this morning Tom and Jerry was on and I haven’t seen that in a long time. It was one of my favorites when I was little so that was my bike show today.

As I am watching and thinking back to old episodes it never dawned on me that the humans in Tom and Jerry never had any heads. It just showed their body and them talking. Today it was a toddler using Tom as a baby. She was scolding him every time he got out of the cradle. You see her pudgy little legs, her cute black shoes, white socks, and her yellow dress that ends at her knees, her hands, and just above the waist. I wonder why with this particular cartoon they never showed the humans with heads?

Other than the Baby Muppets (another favorite as a kid) these are the only two cartoons I can remember where humans didn’t have heads. They were just talking bodies. Just a strange revelation I stumbled upon today. This is stuff you don’t think about when you are a little kid, but where you are a 28 year old kid it’s amazing the things you discover and ask questions about.


One response to “Cartoon Discoveries

  1. Hello! I loved Tom & Jerry cartoons. That was just amazing some of the shorts. I am also a huge Looney Tunes and Flintstones fan. I have a lot of trivia on all of those on my blog.

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