Working Out

It’s going really good. Better than expected. I’m not the biggest fan of working out, but I feel great. I initially was going to start out three times a week, but since I am only taking once class each summer session I am going to bump that up to four or five times a week. I want to bulk up and tone. I already feel I need to go up in weight, but I know not to go too fast on that too. If it gets to be too easy I will just add more reps. My therapists want me to add 2.5 lb a week for a month instead of increasing it 10 lb when it gets to be too easy. This way I tone and don’t kill my shoulders.

I start out every day with a bottle of water and doing the arm bike for 20 minutes. I am thinking about doing the arm bike and adding the speed bag to that for more cardio. I did get my sit down aerobics video, but it’s pretty cheesy. I’ll give it a few more shots, but I think I prefer lifting weights and other cardio exercises as opposed to that. I hit the weight machine in the afternoon and also have a black theraband I work with. At night I right my leg bike for an hour and when I am in bed I work with some wrist weights and do sit ups. I’m going to add free weights into the workout tomorrow.

I’m doing really well with eating at least two fruits and veggies each day. I also try and get a yogurt in there for some added protein. I have ordered a tasteless protein powder to add to my yogurts and other foods to give me that added protein. One scoop has 70 calories, no fat, and 17 grams of protein. The protein will be good for me for many health reasons as I do not get nearly enough. I’m just not a big meat eater nor do I like very many dairy products. I know I need more protein so hopefully this stuff is edible because it’s $35.00. If it works I won’t mind paying for it.

I have also printed out some easy lo-calorie recipes for me to try. I printed everything from spaghetti to boneless buffalo wings to 113 calorie brownies. Everything is quick and easy to make. My parents are even interested in trying some of them. My mom doesn’t need to lose any weight, but it wouldn’t hurt my dad to drop a few pounds. I’m glad he is taking an interest in these recipes too because there is far too much for me to eat.

I am determined to go at it this time. My main goals are to drop some weight and add some muscle to me. I am already pretty strong and have some decent muscles, but I want more. I don’t want to be a muscle woman by any means, but I want some definition in my arms and shoulders. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will see some major improvements.


2 responses to “Working Out

  1. It sounds like you are doing GREAT in all areas! If I were a betting woman, I would place it on you reaching those goals by summers end. :) Come here and teach me how to cook. SIGH

  2. kathleenrowland

    Hey Kristi, I’m impressed with your determination to work out three to five times a week. I’m a swimmer. We have had two days of pouring down rain, but it’s sunny today (in SoCal) and I am off to the pool for my 40 laps. It takes me forty minutes, but it is time well spent for cardio. Wishing you happy holidays and a healthy 2009.

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