Family Reunion

This past weekend almost everyone on my dad’s side met up in Rochester, MN for a big family reunion to celebrate my grandparents 55th wedding anniversary. It was a great time. My cousin Nathan just got a new job so he couldn’t make the trip from Kansas, and my uncle Mike and his family didn’t attend for reasons only he knows. It was so great to see everyone again. My dad’s side of the family is pretty spread out across the United States, but we try and meet up at least once a year, but we don’t always get to see everyone.

There were some very hilarious moments that night, far too numerous to list, but siblings will be siblings no matter how old they are. I was at a table with my aunt Nancy, uncle Chris, and my cousins Zachary and Alexander. I had just sat down to eat when my uncle Rick comes in from the food room to our table and hands the butter dish (that was on our table) to Chris and says Dave said Kristi would like some butter could you hand this to her? He left and we all just sat there with these bewildered looks on our faces of what the hell? I never asked for butter and if it was on the table already why in the world would Rick come in and hand the dish to Chris? We all sat there lost when my dad came by and I asked him if he told Rick to get me some butter. He said yeah. I was like why did you do that, I didn’t ask for any. My dad said I know — I was just seeing how well Rick listens and looks like he did a good job. We all thought that was pretty funny, especially Zach and Alex.

The best stories of the night were the tormenting ones of the big brothers over the little brothers and how some remembered details more vividly than others. We were in tears and couldn’t breathe on some of em. We missed some great video moments to say the least.

I am the only girl cousin and I am the oldest. That shocked Rick and Nancy when I was talking to them. Rick had mentioned that I was the only girl cousin at the reunion and I said that’s because I am the only girl cousin. Really, they said. Out of how many? 10 grandchildren so that makes nine bratty boys after me. Nancy said I must have broken the mold when they had me. Damn right they did!

The best part was to get everyone there in for a family portrait. We haven’t had a family portrait since Nancy and Chris got married and I was 12 years old then. That’s a long time. My grandma — feisty German woman she is. She knew where she wanted her and my grandpa to sit. I was originally next to her, but I thought it was a bit tacky to put two wheelchairs next to each other and before I could say anything about that she was yelling to get my grandpa seated right next to her. We lined up as families as best as we could. Bless that lady’s heart from the catering service for taking numerous pictures of our family with numerous cameras. She got a really good one with my camera.

(Back Row L-R; Dustin, Tim, Dave, Tom, Rick, Sandy, Josh and his girlfriend Cory)
(Front Row L-R; Jarret, Kathy, Carter, Me, Grandpa, Grandma, Chris, Zach, Alex, and Nancy)


One response to “Family Reunion

  1. luckyduck2

    Oh , that must have been so much fun. I love family reunions and we just do not do them anymore. SIGH Congrats on the 55th Anniversary. Awesome accomplishment.

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