A Bunch Of Stuff

I started summer school on July 7th and I was a big apprehensive about it, but things couldn’t be going more smoothly for me. I have two class – Computer Assisted Statistics and World History and Culture 1. Not the most exciting of classes, but so far these two couldn’t be easier. There is no reason for me not to get an A or B in History and we haven’t dived into the hard part of Statistics yet. My professor is really laid back though and if we happen to do really bad on an assignment he is all for letting us correcting our mistakes and giving us those points once the answers are right as opposed to extra credit. I was really worried about Statistics, but with what he says, I’m feeling pretty good about that class too. I am really happy to be back at Colorado Tech!

Nate and I have made up and we are doing great. We just hit the four month dating date on Monday. It has been a long time since I dated a guy for that amount of time. We are getting together for dinner and a movie tomorrow night and possibly the next two days together depending on how indecisive I get with our plans.

I have been working out for almost 30 days. I try to do something everyday no matter what. It’s gotten to the point that I will give up shopping at the mall so I can get my workout in. I have also become quite the little chef with finding good light recipes off the Internet. My parents are even taking a liking to them. Our favorite so far is the Ranch Chicken Salad. I am also drinking a protein shake 4-5 times a week without gagging. I have found some good fruit smoothie recipes that mask the taste of the protein powder. They aren’t great, but they aren’t nasty either. I needed to get more protein into me for health reasons and this is an easy way to do it.

I believe I have lost some pounds and/or inches. I can tell by the way a few blouses fit and especially how my bras fit. My favorite ones are loose and I can’t go any tighter. There are pros and cons to that. The last thing I need to do is buy more bras — I have plenty, but if I need to go a size down I will. I want to buy some new clothes too, but am telling myself no and promising myself new cuter smaller clothes when I drop the 20-30lb I want to take off. Those will be more fun to buy in the future and I have enough clothes right now. Saving the money now wouldn’t be such a bad thing either. I am proud of myself for sticking to my goals and I am going to stick with it.

I have been sick for the last couple of weeks with a bad cold. It was pretty bad last week where it was so painful to swallow that I was almost in tears at night. I am pretty tough when it comes to pain, but I never want to be in pain like that again. I went to the doc and was checked for everything and all came back negative. I think I am rounding the corner — still having cough attacks which suck especially at night and in quiet places like class. I’m looking forward to sleeping through the night again once I kick this cold.


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