New Puppy

We picked up our new rescue shih tzu puppy, Romo (more on his name later) tonight just after 8 PM and he is such a delight to have in the house. We have been talking about getting a new dog for quite some time and Ellen, a friend my dad works with fosters many pets and she has been on the look out for a rescue shih tzu puppy for the last few months. Last week we got an email saying she had found one for us. A four month only male found during the floods between Cedar Rapids and St. Louis. A friend of Ellen’s who also fosters pets went down to Sioux City to pick him up from another lady who fosters Japanese Pins. She called earlier this afternoon and said for 100 bucks he was ours to keep with AKC papers.

Romo is a big ball of energy with a really squeaky bark. He is was quite smelly when we picked him up so the first thing he got was a bath after his first ride in Witten. He is also in desperate need of a haircut so after going to the vet tomorrow he will be getting groomed sometime this week so we can see that sweet shih tzu face that is hidden by a lot of long hair right now. At first glance he looked a lot like Kibbles. Very similar in hair color and looking at him it really made me miss her, but I know she is somewhere knowing we will give Romo a very good home. It’s been just over two years since we put her down and it was time for us to have a new puppy in the house.

Right now Romo is really attached to dad, though dad said he is my dog. I cuddled with him for a bit after his shower and before we put him in his kennel for the night. He ate a bowl of Puppy Chow and drank plenty of water. When he is running around outside in the grass he has this pep in his step that makes him look like he is bouncing around like a bunny. It’s really cute! We took him out and tried to get him to go in the grass, but he doesn’t want to use the grass — he decides to take a shit right next to me and my wheelchair on the sidewalk. At least he went. When Kibbles was a puppy she ate her pooh so I was very quick to get him out of there when he was done with his business.

Romo was going to be named Winston. I was set on that name for some reason. I wanted something British – why I do not know? Dad didn’t care for it at all and mom didn’t care either way what we named a future new puppy so it was up to me to name he or she. On the ride to get the new puppy he was Winston, but I could tell dad just did not like it. I said to him I was thinking of naming him something Cowboys like Romo when dad said, yeah, that’s a great name. Lets name him Romo! I was like are you serious? So we weighed the pros and cons of the names and dad really liked Romo because it was short and easy to remember. It might get a little confusing for him come football season when I am yelling at Romo on TV, but we will cross that bridge when the time comes. I have a Cowboys collar and leash picked out for him on I still think Winston might be his middle name. Does Romo Winston sound good and strong?

He’s a little bit timid right now, but very sweet and lovable. He’s sound asleep and quiet right now. He’s having a rough night as I am as I type this as it bums me out to hear his squeaky bark, his cries, and his whimpers as he is in his kennel. I’m being strong as it is taking everything in my might not to go into the exercise room and take him out of it. I did that with Kibbles and she was never kennel trained. With her not trained it made it very difficult for us to travel without her or find someone to come to the house to watch her. Romo will be different. We know now what to do and not to do with a dog. He will also be getting signed up for obedient classes this week too. Of course we are going to spoil him, it’s in our blood, but It’s better for us and Romo if we all have some discipline too. It’s a great joy to have a puppy in the house again.


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