Nothing Like Saying a Good Fuck Off…

… to make you feel better! I open up my email this morning and in my Inbox there was an email from a guy asking if I wanted to go out to a movie sometime or just hang out, but there was no name at the end. The email address didn’t look familiar so I just deleted it thinking it was spam or someone got the wrong person. Didn’t think about it after that until tonight when I got a request from my ex Ryhlen to add him to Yahoo Messenger. Looking at his screen name he is the one that emailed me earlier.

I denied his request, but it didn’t stop him from IMing me so I asked who he was? He painted a crystal clear picture of the past and asked if I remembered him and I said yes, you are a douche bag. I then asked why in the hell was he IMing me? He told me that I messaged him at some dating site. What the fuck!? I told him that couldn’t be because I am not on any dating sites and I have a boyfriend.

This excuse to IM me about the dating site must have been his sad little attempt to come crawling back to me for some reason or another. We haven’t seen nor talked in over two years and there is no way in hell I would take him back because he cheated. We would have never lasted back then because his idea of fun was to play video games 24/7 and for the most part I can’t stand video games. I was on the verge of breaking up with him back then anyway because I was bored. Other then being a good kisser, there wasn’t much to him. I was insane to date a 20 year old!

I told him to never contact me again and forget he ever knew me. Up until tonight’s conversation I hadn’t thought about him in the last couple of years. He told me if I ever needed to talk to him about anything as a friend to feel free contact him. Yeah right! At this point I was laughing my ass off. I told him I wouldn’t talk to him as a friend if he was the last man on earth and closed it with — fuck off Ryhlen. I so wanted to say that two years ago when Dustin and Tyler informed me he was cheating. Yeah, his roommates told me and well, they liked me better. He had to have been the biggest idiot in the world to think I wouldn’t find out.

It felt really great to actually say that. It would have been more fun had it been in person, but I’d probably deck him. He is a douche bag and scum though he comes off with this quiet boy next door persona. That’s his cover. In reality he is a immature little boy who can’t step away from the video games or hold a decent job. He did me a favor by cheating. It ended a lot sooner and that was far better for me then trying to make it work with him. In closing 20 year olds can be fun at certain times, but they are not dating material!


One response to “Nothing Like Saying a Good Fuck Off…

  1. omg, that literally made me LOL.

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