The Newest Member Of the Dallas Cowboys

Romo is officially a football dog so the name suits him. We took him out to PETCO a couple of days after we got him to pick up some toys, a collar, and a leash. Having a new dog is like having a new baby in the house — dad dropped 65 bucks that day. I didn’t go overboard with the toys, but wanted to get him a variety of things to play with so he would stop chewing on my shoes.

Hmmm -- I wonder what I can hide in here?

We got him a few toys, but a football was the main thing I wanted to get him. The first one I saw was as big as Romo so that one was out, but they had numerous toy isles so I just kept going up and down them until I spotted the blue football that squeaks. HAD to have it for the future football star of the house.

Romo plays with all the toys and bones we got him, but the blue football is by far his favorite. It took him a couple of days to get used to it as it was hard for him to get it in his mouth. It was quite cute the first couple of days because he would get so pissed off and bark at the football when it rolled back towards him. He couldn’t quite comprehend the roll of a football. Now, he can’t stop playing with it. He likes to play fetch with it — that’s his new game as of tonight, but the blue football can be quite annoying too. I’m happy he is playing with it, but it has THE most annoying squeak to it and Romo can now hold it in his mouth for long periods of time and continuously squeaks it. That’s fine and a puppy thing do to, but he likes to do this at 3, 4, and 5 in the morning — depending on when he is up with my parents and I am sleeping, or trying to sleep. That squeak is hard to tune out, but I love the little guy so much that I just let him be content with his football.

In the basement tonight he found Kibbles old Donald Duck football that is basically a stuffed football. I have no clue where we got it, but she just chewed on the tag and never played with it. Well, Romo found it and made it his and it is now in his pile of toys. I just knew had a football loving dog. The house looks like a little kid lives here. Toys are everywhere! I run over something every time I move in the chair — good thing they make dog toys durable because Romo likes to leave his toys in main path areas.

He is a smart, naughty, sweet dog. We are still having issues of him pooping in the house and in his kennel late at night around 3 AM, but other than that he is doing really well. He’s a little pill when I am alone with him. I must not yell near as loud when he does something bad because he literally gets into everything the little stinker. He’s a great addition to the household. We all love him! My parents spoil him rotten. They now get up a little earlier before work just so they can play with him before they start their day. He’s very loved and I am glad we could give him a great home.


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