One might be thinking what bravery has to do with a butterfly, but

if you knew the fear I have of all bugs, beautiful or not, you would know

what guts it took for me to take this picture. I had to get really close

because I do not have the greatest of zooms on my camera. Actually,

I took a few photos of this butterfly up until he started flying around and

attacked me. Attack is too strong of a word, but he brushed up against my

arm enough to freak me out and put the camera away. Nonetheless, I was

brave enough for a little while to capture the beauty of this butterfly and

it truly was beautiful.


3 responses to “Bravery

  1. Good for you. I know how freaked out people get about bugs. So when those people get close to any bugs it is something to be proud of. that is why I compliment my friend on her bug bravery =-)

  2. Congratulations on trying to face your fear. :) It’s a beautiful photo, by the way.

  3. That’s beautiful.

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