Tis the Season

to a new fall quarter and at first I thought it was going to kick my ass, but so far I am holding my head above water. I have way more work than I have had in previous quarters and semesters, but so far so good in keeping up and not procrastinating too much.

I have Business Law, Project Management, and Ethics. Ethics is quite fun and my book is itty bitty. It literally is the size of a small children’s paperback book. My professor is a Baptist minister, but surprisingly not as conservative as I thought he was going to be. I have fun in that class though we are required to do quite a few writing assignments and class discussions. I am really looking forward to discussing stem cells and see where that goes. Should be an interesting class. The other two are a bit dry.

I found out tonight that my old law professor from the University Center is teaching at CTU so I am going to try and get her for Business Law 2 if she is teaching it. It’s not that I don’t like my professor now — it’s just he is a bit dry when discussing the chapters. She was a spunky little thing and we always had great class discussions plus she graded on the curve BIG time.

Hopefully I am not pulling my hair out any time soon with my class workload. I’m really going to try and keep myself motivated on staying on top of assignments. Last thing I want to do is get behind or wait til the last minute. These professors do NOT tolerate late work.


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