Not So Sure Feeling

I’m feeling pissed and hurt right now based on actions Nate has done in the last week. He said he would go watch football with me when he was still in China, but when we hung out on Friday I asked him about it he made up this wacky excuse that he couldn’t come watch the game until he gave the key back to Joe and Amanda on Sunday. I asked again Saturday and he said he would be an hour late for it, but he was still coming. Sunday comes and he backs out and says he is feeling sick. I went out with Stacy and watched the game and had an ok time and went home and Nate called. I asked how Sadie (the dog he was babysitting for the weekend) was and he said I don’t even know if Joe and Amanda are home yet. I said well, I thought you had to give them the key back and he said he thought they would call when they got home, but he just chalked it up to being late.

It’s not a horrible lie, but it’s a lie, and a couple of lies actually on him not wanting to go watch football with me. If he didn’t want to go watch football I would rather he just fucking tell me that instead of stringing me along all weekend about it. I need to make plans with people that don’t just involve him. I should have confronted him on the lie then, but really like always let things like that roll off my back. I’m really bad at confronting people that are close to me. I need to work on that.

And tonight I got a call from him and he was at the bar, but he didn’t know his phone dialed me. He must have bumped it and it called the last person he called which was me. I said hello and all I could hear was loud mumbled shit. I hung up and called him back and he asked if I wanted to talk to Cory and I said no, I wanted to know why he was calling me and he said he didn’t. He told me he would call me later.

Now, at this point I am pissed off at him and am not saying much nor saying it very loud. He calls me on his way home and he is all chipper because he’s a bit tipsy. Usually he is very quiet, doesn’t say much when we talk at night. Tonight that was me. He was trying to pull things out of me, but they were basically one word answers.

I’m pissed off and hurt because he never ever invites me out when he goes out with his friends, but when I go out with my friends I do everything in my power to include him. I say 75% of the time he turns me down on things I do with my friends. I have this feeling that he is ashamed of me and doesn’t want me to meet anyone he knows. We have already had this issue once when his brother was in town with his family.

I have met a handful of guys he works with and from what I could tell all liked me very much. He went out with work buddies tonight, but really would it have been so bad to call me up and ask if I wanted to come out and see him/them? That’s what couples do. Well, most couples, but not this couple. This has happened on more than one occasion and it hurts me.

I’m heartbroken as I type this. I love Nate, but why do I have to be kept so secret from anyone is mind boggling to me. Am I overreacting? I don’t think so. I’m just asking when we do things that they involve other people once in a while. I would like to know the people in his life as I would him the people in mine. He constantly tells me people at his work want to meet me, but he sure doesn’t make much of an effort for that to happen. I really don’t know what to do. I am going to confront him tomorrow about it. I can’t hold this in any longer. Tears will be shed and who knows where we will be after that.


2 responses to “Not So Sure Feeling

  1. He’s just not that into you. Someone who is truly in love with you makes every excuse in the book to be with you! Check out my blog on love and relationships at Love My Journey to find out how to determine whether a fellow is worthy of you or not.

    The Full Moon Cycle is for completing things. That’s the cycle we are in right now. See my blog at to see how the Moon changing signs affects your emotional reaction. Choose your timing well!

  2. I’m so sorry this is going on. You need to make sure he knows that things cannot continue this way and that you won’t let them. If indeed he doesn’t want anyone to meet you, then that is his problem, not yours. Everyone who knows you loves you, and if he doesn’t see that, then well, he’s pretty blind. I hope things turn out well and that he finally sees what is going wrong. Good luck, and let me know what happens.

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