What is it about a stinky onion that is raw that smells so devine when it is cooked? Doesn’t matter how it is cooked — it just makes the whole house smell yummy and makes you hungry ALL day. My mom is baking some chopped onions for some Thai food she will be making later and the smell is so overwhelmingly delicious!! It is making me hungry for fried potatoes and onions now. That would taste really great on a cold rainy day like today. Oh so good in the tummy, but oh so bad for you with all the butter they are fried in.

Onions are one of the few vegetables I like. Cooked or raw. They add a certain pazazz to just about any food. Onions rock even if at times they can make your breath smell really bad. I’m not kissing Nate tonight so maybe it will be fried potatoes and onions. Now that I have said it and typed it I really really want it.


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