New Hair Color and Cut!


Even though I am somewhat worried about my last post, I am totally excited about my new hair cut and color. I wanted to do red, but was very apprehensive about doing it because I did red high lights this time last year and they lasted a week. My friend Tiffany’s sister Bekah did it and she has a salon I cannot get into with a wheelchair so she came over to my house on her day off. She did a most amazing job and she put up with my panic attacks when it came to looking in the color bowls and when it came to cutting. I don’t know why I freak out so much — there’s only been a couple of times where I have had bad colors and/or cuts. And with color — if you don’t like it, you can always change it.

I love my new hair. I smile every time I look at it in the mirror. They told me to sleep with conditioner on my head over night every now and then. I thought they were nuts, but after a color the hair can be kind of dry so I did it Tuesday night and washed it out Wednesday morning with shampoo and conditioner and oh. my. god. My hair is so soft and shiny. More so then before and I have pretty soft and shiny hair. I’m going to do this more often. I couldn’t believe how beautiful my hair looked after doing that!

To keep the red, red longer I am using John Freida’s Red line made for color treated red hair and I do believe it is helping keeping the longevity in my red. Red’s do fade the quickest so I also bought his rinse for when it does begin to fade I can add that to it. It’s supposed to bring back the color. The positive side of John Frieda is you can buy his products at Walmart or just about any drugstore. I’m a Redken product whore when it comes to what goes on my hair, but his shampoo and conditioner are very good.

It’s amazing what a new color can do to ones self-esteem. I wasn’t down by any means, but was stressed to the max with the end of the quarter, papers, presentations, and finals all coming in at once, but once I got my hair colored I felt beautiful again. I haven’t colored my hair professionally since April so it’s been a long time coming. I love the way it looks on me. I can play up my eyes with a smoky brown look, not look washed out when I wear darker colors which also make me look thinner. I did spoil myself with a few new sweaters and jeans in the last couple of weeks, but I got killer deals on them all which always rocks!

I feel and look hot! It doesn’t get any better than that.


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