Christmas Blues

I hope next year I will be able to spend Christmas with Nate and his family. It sucks that I cannot get into their house, they are a wonderful family and I know I would have fun with them all Christmas Eve or Morning.

His dad was talking about building a ramp into their house a while back for me so maybe by next year I can get that wish and spend Christmas with them.

I wish Nate and I could spend a little bit of the holiday together to exchange presents, but I also understand he needs to spend time with his family because they do live so far away and he can see me anytime.

My family already did Christmas with the three of us as my mom left for Thailand this morning. We exchanged gifts after dinner Monday night and it was all done within about 10 minutes. Nothing too exciting.

I miss the big Christmas’s we used to have. I hope when I have kids that we can get a little bit of that back.

On Christmas Day this year it will be my dad, Romo, and me. I am going to try and make a chocolate cheese cake and hope that can keep me busy and my mind off not being with my boyfriend on the holiday.


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