My Dallas Cowboys Have Lost It!

I cannot remember when I have been so disappointed in this team. Like every year I never say playoffs or Superbowl unless they are clinched to go — they had all the cards in their favor to go, but don’t even show up what could be the game of their lives.

I was so optimistic for the Eagles game that we would win and I would go to Minnesota for the Cowboys vs Vikings playoff game. I bought tickets at 30 dollars a piece and everything was going in my favor Sunday. The Vikings won and the Bears lost, but then the Bucs also lost, so not only everything went in my favor it was also in the Eagles favor! However, I am still going to the game with my boyfriend and his brother.

The Eagles wanted it more and it showed on Sunday! I still had hope going into the second half that we would turn this around and come out on top, but turnover after turnover and not one single player or coach giving a damn on the sidelines, my hope turned into shame. This team has shamed their fans. One of the biggest fan bases in the world and this is the load of shit you put up in a do or die game. Come on!

It really pissed me off to see Romo on the bench sucking his thumb and not talking to a single player or coach throughout this game when mistakes were made. Not once! PATHETIC and my puppy is named Romo. The shame! :( Good thing he is a cute little dog.

I will be shocked if ALL the Garretts and Wade aren’t gone by this week! The coaching staff needs an overhaul and big time. I’m sick of these pushover coaches. I want a coach with some balls that can keep these players and Jerry Jones in line. The players are responsible too, but Wade doesn’t do shit! I think Wade Phillips is scared of his own shadow and god forbid he ever handle the players and discipline them! This is all wishful thinking that this coaching staff will be gone. I keep hoping when I wake up and the headlines will read Phillips FIRED, but no such luck — YET. There is hope — the Lions are asking to speak to Garrett. For the love of Mike — HIRE HIM!

And I hope Jerry is happy with all the drama mama’s he signed — Pacman, TO, Crayton, Newman and Williams are at the top of my list to get off the team. I don’t know if the whole meeting about Witten getting the ball too much was true or not, but there has to be some truth in every story for it to get reported. GROW UP! It should not matter WHO gets the ball the most — it should matter that we want to win games! Which obviously doesn’t matter to the 3 WRs. Bunch of whiny babies. I don’t know why Willams was complaining — he wasn’t even on the same planet as this offense. I first chalked it up to him not being there the whole year, training camp, etc. but he is a professional and had plenty of time to read the playbook and practice with the team. No need for him to be so fucking clueless!

I’m not ready to throw Romo under the bus just yet, but I’m winding up and about ready to throw him there. He needs to get his priorities straight on whether he wants to be a mediocre quarterback or one of the greatest quarter backs of all time. He starts out on fire, but come November he burns out. He needs to keep that flame burning throughout the entire season — not just the first half of the season. As a QB he needs to step up and be the leader and not this guy with the sly smile that wants to please everyone. Tell T.O. to shut the fuck up when he is whining on the sidelines and tell him he will get the ball when he is NOT in double coverage and is open!

Flozell Adams should get his fat ass off this team, but he won’t. He just signed a big contract before the season — he’s here to stay. He should be docked pay for every false start he has. Something has to be done for him to STOP doing it. He has to hold the world record for most false starts ever by one player. Plus he is very slow at blocking and keeping Romo and the running backs safe.

Special Teams has been horrible for years — any improvement in that would be great!

We need to get back to to having two tight ends in the game. I miss Fasano and Campbell, but we do have Bennett and he can catch! Wasn’t fond of him at first, but he showed up on the field when he was put in which was RARE!!! Who’s call was that? Garrett or Phillips?

I’m excited for our RUN game if we ever hire a coach that will know how to utilize it! Barber, Jones, AND Choice — that rocks! I see us implementing something similar to what the Giants do with their three, but until we hire a coach and an offensive coordinator that knows how to utilize these three backs — we are going to be where we are now. NO WHERE!

Jerry Jones should learn that you can pay a shit load of money for talented players, but if they can’t play nice together, well it is just not going to work. We do not play nice together. We start out strong, egos get in the way, and collapse in the end. Just look at the Yankees — they have been trying to buy a World Series for a while now. It’s NOT working. We are stuck with Jerry and the Jones family for a very long time which is truly really scary. Unless by some stroke of luck he goes bankrupt and has to sell the team, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

I truly believe Jerry Jones loves all this drama and this media attention and could give a rats ass if we ever win another playoff game or Superbowl with the piss poor choices he makes. He thrives off all this attention because it means the focus is on him which also in a sick way brings more money to him. I feel ill just thinking of all the money I have given that piece of shit of an owner by loving the Dallas Cowboys so much.

My biggest pain in the ass is all the big mouths on this team. All these “stars” they claim to be, but when it comes game time, but they are just a bunch of duds and what really sucks is that we are stuck with Pacman, T.O. Newman, and Adams because of contracts and if we want to keep Demarcus Ware then these players HAVE to stay. Way to be a smart business man you piece of shit of an owner. I think you need to pass the GM duties onto someone who actually knows how to do that roll, because Jerry Jones — you suck at it! Everyone is laughing at you and your stupidity and this ALL-STAR team you built. It is getting us no where and no where fast! We have no team leader, no leadership from our useless coaches and owners and his kids, and for what to open a brand new stadium as the laughing stock of the NFL. Way to go! I hope ticket sales decline faster the the stock market this year and no one is stupid enough to bail your sorry ass out! I know that’s only a dream, but a nice dream it would be.

I’m pissed off at Newman for opening his big mouth about some snitch on some source about what is going on with the wide receivers and what is going on in the locker room. Some say Witten is the snitch and some say it could be a coach. I for one did see Newman on ESPN and NFLN saying that the defense does do better when T.O. gets the ball. That is the biggest bunch of bull shit I have ever heard. It should not matter who gets the ball that motivates the defense to do well. Get over your fucking self already. This is a team, not a T.O. gets his way type of team! If T.O. would actually hang onto the ball he would get the ball more. If they players were smart enough, which they are obviously not, they would look at the stats that T.O. has been thrown to more, but Witten has more receptions. That means Witten is playing better than T.O. Personally, I think T.O. is washed up and done. He was once a great wide receiver, but when he came to Dallas he was just a good wide receiver. He is NOT a play maker. What he is – is a drama queen who can’t keep his damn mouth shut when he doesn’t get his way. He’s 35 years old — he is not in preschool, but sure acts like his missed his afternoon nap more often than not. Same goes with Newman — I lost all respect for him and personally his play hasn’t been all that great either and he gets hurt way too much.

Everyone is calling out Witten, but that man has more heart and more determination for football than anyone on that team. He plays hurt while others sit out and bitch and moan. He played the last half of the year with broken ribs — anything dealing with the ribs is painful and he’s sticking it out for the team. He also sprained an ankle with some ligament damage. He got it wrapped up and was back out there week after week. I’m not calling the other players with injuries wimps, but don’t call out one of the best tight ends to ever grace the football field because you think he gets the ball too much.

And to those fans on the message boards calling to get rid of Barber and replace him with Felix and Choice — go to hell. Another one of our very few players who have more heart for the game then anyone else on the field and he gets hurt and he gets ridiculed by not only the owner, but by the fans. I have talked to my podiatrist on what toe injuries can do to athletes and he said not only they are just extremely painful just to walk on let alone play a contact sport and some are career ending. He got hurt, it happens. I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often with Barber with how hard he runs on every play.

I do not see this team getting any better next year based on things Jerry Jones has said this week. Coaching staff not changing, certain players are going to be on the team, but there is one thing Jerry Jones is known for is and that is lying is piece of shit of a face off. He could totally be blowing smoke up our asses with saying all this and plotting to make changes. Some changes will be made — I just hope we don’t lose some really good players because we have to play some loser drama mamas. I was hopeful for this season after last year, but I am not hopeful for next season at all. I have nothing to be excited about by how this Dallas Cowboys team behaved and handled themselves on and off the field. I for one will still support the team and be a die hard fan, but am not going to lose sleep over this season one bit.


One response to “My Dallas Cowboys Have Lost It!

  1. This team needed a wakeup call. Next year we will have Felix, Barber and a healthy Roy Williams at WR. People knock the guy but his foot was jacked. Keep your head up.

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