Group Projects Are a Pain

Group projects aggravate the hell out of me. I pride myself on the best work I can put out and I don’t want to wait for someone else for that work to be completed. I am also cursed when it comes to group projects. Every time I get assigned one someone jumps ship aka drops the class so we are down at least one person while the other groups continue on with a full boat.

Well, I was told Psych was hard, but personally it has been a breeze for me up until this group project. When I saw it on the assignment list I just groaned. I was told by past Psych students to get it done early and do the Power Point if I got the choice. No one was saying anything so I delegated myself group leader and tried to light a fire under these “college” students asses and I got jack shit from these people. One woman asked when it was due and another asked how to do the discussion board question. Great. We are in the second to the last week of the quarter and you are asking that NOW when the due date has been there since day ONE and we have been doing discussion board questions for NINE weeks!! I asked what everyone wanted to do and they picked their part of the project. It is due Wednesday and these people could care less.

I did MY part of the Power Point. One girl was supposed to do writing, but was NOT responding to her emails so the one guy in our class took over her part. I’ll give him some credit — he wrote up a nice outline of what we should do and on what days, but he didn’t stick to them one bit. The other girl that wrote did quite well, but his part of the paper was rough. A voice in my head said I should have probably did some of the writing since I have gotten 100% on all but one paper and that was still an A, but my professor knows I can write and I wanted a break from it. I hope I don’t get a comment from my professor saying how come you did not write for this paper and it bites me in the ass. I ended up editing his paper for an hour and adding to it because he duplicated a lot of what the other girl said. YIKES! I formatted the entire paper to APA, added the abstract, and conclusion and also cited EVERYONE sources properly! Oh, I also came up with a title for a paper I did NOT write!

As of right now I have ALL the power as I have the almost completed group project. All we are missing is the discussion board question which is not that hard or that much to do. I also need everyone’s student ID numbers, but I’m sick and tired of babysitting these people. I’m the one that emailed them and told them lets get this done. They wanted to wait and do the Power Point until a day before it was due and I put my foot down and said you have to give me more time than that to make sure everything is right. We have known about the project since week 1, all, but me have been working on it this past week. I know college is hard, but this project was not that difficult.

I could probably NOT hand in this project and still get an A in the class so, it may be a bitchy thing for me to do, but they are big boys and girls now. They can email me with their student IDs numbers, etc. I don’t know if we are supposed to hand in one project or each hand it in individually. I sure hope there is a group review. I would love to blast them. I hope for my sake this is my last group project. I am sick of doing other people’s work!


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