I never saw this coming from you
The nice and charming man
Who swept me off my feet
You called him a coward
And that he was not right
Closure is so important
And would never do that to me

You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing
And have everyone you know fooled
You are not the man you said you were
The one that was raised right
And knew how to treat a lady
At first I thought this was true
And my heart could not believe it
You are now that hurtful coward
That man you said you would never be
I found out just what type of man you are
Not nice or charming
But a man full of deceit

You do not deserve my tears
But tonight I had too many
We weren’t together all that long
But all you had to do was tell me
It hurt so much when it happened the first time
And just as much, if not more this time
You knew how he hurt me so
And vowed to never do that
You told me you would always let me know
But here I sit with no closure
Or a reason from you
Take a look in the mirror
You are that man you said you would never be

© Kristina Allen 2009


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