Mad at the World

I am generally a happy person, but the last few weeks have suuuuucked! 

I’m striking out in the men department, I don’t even know why I even get up to bat. Screw it. I’m done with them and their selfish and shallow ways. 

Being in a chair sucks, but I try to live life to the fullest in it, but there are times where I just want to scream and cry. I actually did do the crying part on July 24th at a David Cook concert no less because I was so pissed off I couldn’t see jack shit. Not even the big screens on the fucking ceiling. No one bothered to help find a more suitable spot to sit until 10 minutes before the show was over. Big fucking whoop-te-do now. I have been looking at everyone’s ass for the last fucking hour. Is it so much to ask for places to be ADA compliant in 2009! 

My best friend Steph is moving. Whether it’s this month or in a couple of months. Either way she is moving and soon. I’m happy and sad that she is leaving. She is my partner in crime, we do practically everything together and I am going to be lost without her. 

I want to move myself, but I have no idea where to go. If I open my own business whatever it may be then I am stuck here until I sell or entrust it to someone else to operate. If I just pick up and start over somewhere I have no idea what I would do. Dallas would be a dream and my first choice — the people are sweet and of course my Cowboys are there. 

I am in my last quarter of school and it should be a good time, but I am just bored in all my classes and not motivated to do the work at all. Some how I am pulling off A’s in all my work, but I really could care less about it. I have two projects to do and have not even started on them. I think I will be real busy the week of my birthday which is when all this is due. 

The one good thing coming up in this messed up world is football season is just over a month away. I cannot wait. Something to take my mind off of everything else. At least for one day of the week.


2 responses to “Mad at the World

  1. Come to Dallas! (:

  2. Take one day at a time. Maybe Dallas is a good move. You seem happy and at one about that.

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