Love Them!














Lajon from Sevendust and me Nutty’s North 8-21-09

Words cannot express how much I love the guys in Sevendust. We have known each other for 12 years now and it gets better and better every time I see them. They are family. 

Sevendust has seen me at my sickest. I pushed myself to go to their shows even when I was even to weak to sit up in bed, but they always made me feel better. As Andy put it – when we do not see you for a while I get worried that something bad has happened. I like seeing em when I look like this as opposed to someone too sick to move to their music.

We met Andy’s wife and she was great. Andy told her that we are family and that we knew him before he was hired by Sevendust and he always looks forward to seeing us. That means a lot to us too. We love seeing them as much as they do us. These guys never disappoint and they truly are the big brothers I never had.


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