So READY for Football to Start!

Preseason is good, but NOT good enough. On Friday September 4th I am going to the Cowboys vs Vikings preseason game and pretty stoked about it  even though I know the starters will not be playing. I am hoping to meet a few players though. That is my primary reason for going. Then in October going down to Kansas City to MY Cowboys take on Carrie’s Chiefs. We are going to party it up that is for sure! 

My NFL catalog came in the mail yesterday and SOOOO many things I want in there and then today I went out to the mall to exchange some jeans and I go right by Pro Image — I need a new Cowboys air freshener for the truck and so I went in. I should not be allowed to go in that store because I always end up buying something Cowboys. I only ended up buying a window decal for the back window of Witten, but I so wanted the Demarcus Ware jersey that was on the wall! I am good with jerseys though — I will not buy a player jersey until they get an extended contract. For what jerseys cost I do not want to buy a jersey and they get traded to another team the next year. I am not worried about Ware not being signed — he is signed up through this year and I think Jerry knows to keep him around. I have nine other jerseys I can wear in the meantime. Even though I am good with jerseys — I must be stopped with all the other Cowboys merchandise I seem to think I need. 

I have a love/hate relationship with the new stadium. I loved Texas Stadium. Everything about it was just great. Now, I have not seen the new stadium in person, only in pictures. The pictures I have seen are absolutely gorgeous, but it is just not MY Texas Stadium. It is heart breaking to see the photos of what it looks like now. Just a run down stadium waiting for the big boom. How sad. 

I have to comment on the Godzilla like HDTV we have in the middle of the field. If I wanted to watch the game on TV I would just stay home. Sure the jumbo-tron is great for those in the nosebleed seats and it is neat and cool, but I do not think it is necessary. Now there are numerous talks about moving it up and who is going to pay for the cost of it. I hear it weighs a lot! Punters can hit it, but until the TV causes the outcome of a game — I think it is staying where it is. 

Of course I was not happy losing my front row end zone seats at MY beloved Texas Stadium, but a guy from the Cowboys board took a photo of one of the accessible sessions and it was high and I did not like it! Just a few days ago I saw some more photos from another member and though he was taking pictures of some eye candy — I saw a couple of wheelchairs on a flat cement area right next to the field and this cement area goes clear around the stadium including behind the players benches. I am so going once I save enough money for a ticket down there. 

I’ve been too busy with this last semester of school that I do not know where the Cowboys need improvement. I am hoping by September 13th they got their heads in the game for all 16 weeks to get into the playoffs and so on. 

I have signed up with too many Fantasy Football teams — last count I think it was five or six. None of which are money leagues so hopefully I can keep my win streak going. 

With all that said. GO COWBOYS!


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