Kickin it in KC Part I

I had the most amazing time in my short two days in Kansas City. At first it was to go see MY Cowboys play the Chiefs, but in turned into more of I want to see Carrie more than the Cowboys. We have been counting down the weeks and days until this fantastic weekend. I’ve been hearing about the Power and Light bar area for quite some time from Carrie and was really looking forward to seeing it.

Made plans to meet with Carrie at 7 and went down to the lobby when she texted me she was there. I could not wait to see her. Dad could see her coming through the sky walk — she couldn’t get down the elevator fast enough. We hugged and chatted, got introduced to Justin and left shortly after to find some place to eat.  As we are looking for an accessible entrance we run into two guys, one bent over while the other guy is holding him up while his friend pukes his guts out in one of the beautiful planters they have up and down the sidewalk. We found a burger place to eat at, but I was far too excited to eat very much.

Took in the scenery that was the P&L District and thought it was very cool. Our first and only bar was PBR where one of Carrie’s Boy Toy’s works. That was my nickname for him. At first it wasn’t that busy and we could actually hear each other talk, but about an hour later we were shouting at each other just to hear each other. Aaron arrived shortly after it started to get busy and he is just oh so sweet as is Justin. PBR was awesome even without a working mechanical bull. We drank, we sang, and danced all night long. 





I met an extremely HOTTT guy from Sioux Falls who introduced himself to me by cramming his tongue down my throat – literally. I’m all for kissing, but this guy was just a tad too rough. He was nice, but he was hogging me a little too much. I finally pushed him away as when I looked over at Carrie she looked like she was shooting daggers into the back of his head with her eyes. I thought she was going to kick his ass. He was nice, I doubt it will go anywhere here, but you never know.

It was getting late and I knew I had to get up early so we booked it about 1AM. I was outside with Aaron waiting for Carrie to come out and Aaron asked if I had my hotel key and I said YES quite proudly. As I am looking at it I suddenly freaked out and said OHHHH MY GAWWWWD! Aarron asked what was the matter and I said I have absolutely NO idea what my hotel room number is. He asked if I was joking and laughing my ass off I said noooo. I told Carrie when she came out and she just cracked up. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t forget something on a trip, but this is pretty big. I decided to figure out the logistics of finding my hotel room once we got back inside where it was warm.

We are buzzing along on the sidewalks when Carrie suddenly stops by one of those beautiful planters again and this time there is a guy laying in the bushes unable to get up by himself. I lock my brakes while Aaron and Justin help him up. They hold him up against the wall for a few minutes to make sure he can stand OK. I was sure this guy passed out in the same planter the previous drunk was puking in, but Justin assured me it was a different planter.

We got back to the hotel and there is no one at the front desk. GREAT! Aaron told me to call my dad, but I did not want to wake him and he said just call him. I call him, but no answer, his phone was on vibrate. We could have went across the street and asked the front desk there, but I don’t know who decided, but we just decided to go up every floor until we found my room. I remembered the room ended in 40 and the door had two peep holes. This was too hilarious for words.

Justin was the designated room checker and he would do it oh so sneakily and when it didn’t work he would book it down the hall and we all laughed and got in the elevator. For sure I thought we were going to get kicked out with how loud we were at 2 AM in the hallways. Aaron decided it was best we stay in the elevator from then on. At times the elevator would go down and Justin would start running before realizing that we had already checked that floor and we would yell for him to come back. This cracked us up more. We ran into a couple of teenagers on one floor and they invited us to church the next morning. At that point in time we probably looked like we could use a few prayers and what not. We finally found my room on the 11th floor! SUCCESS! I didn’t want to say goodbye, but Carrie and Justin had an hour drive at least and Aaron had to work in the morning. Either way we were all going to be pooped out on Sunday!

Thanks to my loves Carrie, Justin, and Aaron for one of the best times of my life!!! I can’t wait to come back!


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