Garlic Cheese Tacos

I am a genius. Most know me as a picky eater, but sometimes I break out of that role and try something knew. There wasn’t much for lunch today, but there were soft taco shells and shredded cheese in the fridge.

One of my favorite things to eat when we have tacos is a cheese taco which is a shell, a little bit of sour cream, and shredded cheese nuked in the microwave for 45 seconds. I eat it for lunch or dinner sometimes — they are so yummy. We try to keep shells and cheese in the fridge for a quick meal for me. You can’t go wrong with it.

Today I decided to change up my standard cheese taco because we were out of sour cream so I added mozzarella to the shredded mild cheddar cheese and that was pretty good. For my second cheese taco today I added garlic powder to the cheese and oh my gosh, it was DE-LIC-OUS!

The one thing about a cheese taco is you really can’t mess them up. When my dad was buying shells one night at Taco Johns (did you know you can buy hard and soft shells to take home for your own tacos — best shells in town) he told the worker that his daughter loves to eat cheese tacos. She said a lot of kids like that and she told him peanut butter and jelly is good in them too. He failed to mention that I was 30 years old. Ha!

So next time when you want something warm and yummy to eat and quick to fix for yourself or the kids, try a cheese taco any way you want. They are one of my favorite foods.


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