One Week Left

I have one week left in my eight week spinal cord exercise workout study. I have seen tremendous progress on the FES bike, especially this last week. I can now power it on my own with the electrodes and my muscles well over 35 minutes. I could go longer, but there are other people there to use the bike. I think taping the bottom electrodes has made that connection a little stronger so I can go longer.

It is not that we cannot use the bike once the program is over, it is the fact that they are more than likely going to charge 25 bucks a session to use it. That seems awfully high for a price, but it is what they charge in California to use the bike. I can join a gym for an entire month and use it everyday for less than 25 bucks. The bike is wonderful, but I think after we are done with the study it is going to be collecting a lot of dust. He said one of his patients got it approved through insurance to use it seven times and that’s some, but not a lot and other than it being good for me, I have no reason for insurance to approve, but I will check with them anyway, just in case. I really don’t want to stop using the FES bike, but I fear next week might be the last time I use it.

I love swimming and I know I can get that approved and I’m pretty good in the water as is that my parents could most likely help me if do join the Wellness Center when my dad retires. I an float, I can stand in the water weighted down, both arms and legs which is really good for testing my balance. The water is so warm I do not want to get out. If I could I would stay in there all day.

Standing never really improved. My blood pressure continue to tank and I never really got much longer than a minute in moving my arms when I got up. The only thing that has improved is when I do go up, it doesn’t feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest anymore. I’m hoping that means some of those muscles in my diaphragm are getting better.

I so wish this study was longer. My PT is still pursuing grant money to open an accessible gym and hopefully by next fall. The Wellness Center staff is coming out next week to go over equipment they have to see if we can utilize it, but I have been there and all they have is free weights, a pull down bar, and a track that is wheelchair accessible. I can do most of that at home.

It was a good pilot study and I hope my PT gets the results he wanted out of it to take to the board and get his gym open. That would be ideal.


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