I haven’t painted my nails in years, but decided to do so for Halloween last night. I bought a bottle of Wet N’ Wild (it’s cheap) and it has a little bit of sparkle to it and it is a dark purple/red almost black color. I know the dark colors are in this year, but though my mother said they looked really pretty — I am having a hard time getting used to nail polish being on my hands. I can’t take it off either as there is no finger nail polish remover in the house so I am taking it as a sign that I should leave it on.

I used to paint my nails ALL the time in high school. Like nightly. I would change colors and wear extreme colors from silver to bright blue. I stopped painting them because frankly I just did not have the time to do it and I have gorgeous long nails that they look fine with no polish. Occasionally I will apply a clear coat for a special occasion, but even then I do not put in the effort.

I did not do a very good job of painting my nails last night, but after picking at the mistakes they look like I did a good job. A few nails bubbled which pissed me off and it is bugging me, but I am not going to redo them as I highly doubt too many people will be paying that close attention to my nails to notice the bubbles. Did I mention that it is really bugging me?

I’ll eventually go out to the store and get some nail polish remover because once this polish chips on just one nail that will drive me insane. I have small OCD issues when it comes to nail polish chipping and the main reason I painted my nails nightly in high school and the main reason I stopped painting them.

I’ll try and enjoy them painted for the next day or two, possibly three, but I think that will be after that. Props to those that have the patience for painted nails. I, however do not. Happy Halloween!


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