My Aspirations For 2010

  • get a job, preferably one I like
  • try something bold with my hair – bangs, layers, curls??
  • keep my Lupus in remission
  • try not to over think things like men
  • lose 20-40 lb one way or another
  • volunteer more
  • teach Romo some new tricks
  • exercise for longer periods of time
  • heal my left foot, again
  • get sitting in my new chair properly
  • buy myself an elephant ring
  • close out the credit cards I no longer use
  • pay off my one remaining card I have (less than $900 to go)
  • buy less clothes until I drop some weight
  • fall in love with a great guy
  • spend more time outside
  • see a game in the new Cowboys stadium
  • go fishing more (and maybe bait my own hook — I said maybe)
  • work on standing
  • a summer trip to KC
  • be less picky about my food
  • make more picture frames
  • work on more ADA cases
  • see Free Reign with Ryan
  • travel
  • get Miles Austin signed to a long term deal (that’s up to Jerry, but it’s what I want)
  • look for a warmer place to live
  • cook more now that I can reach the stove
  • save for a new digital camera
  • keep things organized
  • see Sevendust more than once on their new tour
  • read more books
  • realize not every man will break my heart, there is a right one out there
  • trust more
  • pick up a pencil and get back to sketching
  • redecorate my room
  • clean out my closet and get rid of what I no longer wear
  • try not to bottle up things that bother me and explode later
  • see MY Cowboys in the playoffs (that one is already fulfilled)
  • be able to say I Love You again

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