How Bout Dem Cowboys!!

Finally, our first playoff victory in 13 years! Feels good to get that one done and I am ready for more. We have been playing outstanding football and though we are still getting far too many penalties, the score and the momentum speaks for itself. I am one happy Cowboys fan right now.

I’m superstitious so I am just riding this out one game at a time, but I am anxious to play the Vikings. Living with a Viking fans and being related to a bunch of em and being surrounded by them in South Dakota, well this will be a WILD game come Sunday. I am still trying to go to the game, but I don’t think that is in the cards. It’s not as much as I thought it would be, but convincing dad of it is another story. He wants to sit on the field where normally I would sit if it was a regular season game, but accessible wheelchair seating is moved up high due to the commissioners rule of not having any extra people on the field. I’m going to go out to a bar most likely and watch it with everyone — it’s going to be wild no matter where I choose to watch the game yet. Still pulling for the Metrodome though.

The Cowboys have great chemistry right now. We are playing well on both sides of the ball and look tough! I’m excited for this team!!

We are own worst enemy when it comes to penalties though and we need to work on that or at least work on not getting caught when doing it. Every game has bad calls and I live to learn that all bad calls balance out at the end of the year. Every team gets them. We however are shooting ourselves in the foot when we constantly give up stupid yardage on the same repeated penalties. Drives me insane. We have been very fortunate that these penalties didn’t cost us one of these last few games. Hopefully, they got all the penalties out of their system and it’s smooth sailing from here.

Let’s go COWBOYS!!


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