Purse Intervention

I fully believe my best friend Steph needs a purse intervention. I don’t know if there is such a thing, but this woman keeps everything and the kitchen sink in her purse. She came over tonight for dinner and a movie and she decided to switch purses since she had seen the movie six times. By the way, the move was The Hangover. Not near as funny as I thought it was going to be.

I knew she kept a lot of shit in her purse as I carry it from time to time when she is helping push me up a hill or getting a door or what not. It’s actually a relief to her when she can put her purse down and push me. That should be a sign that your purse is too heavy when it is a relief to put it down. I notice the weight of it when it’s on my lap and I wheel. I could get some major muscles wheeling that weight around, but I don’t want that much weight on my legs. I swear it weighs 25-35 lbs at times. I should have her weigh it.

When it comes to MY purse I want as little in it as possible. I want to be able to find my phone and my truck remote easily. I have my wallet in there and everything in my purse is organized so I know where it is at. My keys clip on the outside of my purse, my gum, mints, and lip gloss are in separate side pockets for easy grabbing, my phone now with it’s blingy case just gets thrown in the big pocket where my remote and wallet are. There is a travel size bottle of lotion and some little things like eyeliner, a pen, a few cough drops and Kleenexs in the inside hidden pocket. That’s it.

This was what was discovered in Steph’s purse:

  • 10 lighters — this woman is the queen of asking for a lighter every where she goes!
  • 12+ lip glosses
  • 2 deals of powder foundation plus the brush
  • 5 mascaras — I can see one in your purse, but 5? She hardly ever wears makeup!
  • 2 packets of gum
  • 2 books of matches
  • 1 pack of cigarettes
  • 1 big bottle of tanning lotion — not travel size, at least 12 oz.
  • 1 book
  • 1 camera that does not work, plus the bag it is in
  • 1 phone charger
  • 1 full stick of deodorant
  • 1 bag of cough drops
  • 2 tins of mints
  • Breath spray
  • 1 bottle of body spray — bigger than travel size, smaller than regular size
  • 1 full size bottle of Tyenol
  • 1 full size bottle of Sinus pills
  • 2 dollars in quarters
  • 1 hair pick
  • 1 small bottle of hair spray
  • God knows how many receipts and coupons have been stashed in there and how long
  • A bunch of old birth control packets — some still had some days
  • 1 Nutri-Grain bar (smashed into a million pieces)
  • The top to her favorite perfume (which was obviously in her purse at one time)
  • Bottle opener
  • Part of a broken necklace
  • Her big ass wallet — she bought a flat one months ago, but has yet to change it over
  • Kleenexs
  • Chapstick

I’m sure I am missing a few things here and there, but it really is quite shocking all the crap she carries in her purse. She doesn’t use most of it. I was able to talk her into ONE mascara, but she still kept like six lip glosses in her purse. She said she likes variety, but are they really all that different? She knows she doesn’t use half the stuff in her purse, but she really has to have it with her. An intervention would be perfect for her. It’s like crack to her. It hurts her back and shoulder, but that doesn’t stop her from lugging it around day after day. I love her to pieces, but she is in dire need of purse help!


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