Just a Few of My Favorite Things

Here a few of my favorite beauty products that I just cannot live without. I don’t know what I would do if any of them got discontinued. I might have a nervous breakdown.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Satin Shine Finishing Creme

If you are a brunette this is a must have. This makes your hair soft and shiny and it smells good too. I got mine at Walmart — so I’m sure it’s available at most drug store near you and probably for other hair colors too.

Almay Eyeliner

I have been using this eyeliner since high school. I have tried other brands from Covergirl to Clinique — usually when there is no Almay on the shelf and nothing and I mean nothing compares with Almay’s 16 hour eyeliner. It lasts longer than that too.

Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer

This will make your face look more gorgeous than it already is. This erases any imperfections and make yours foundation smooth and very porcelin like. I love it and you can pick it up at and drugstore. It’s a must have for your night out on the town.

Victoria Secret Silky Eye Shadow

I have Fierce (black) and Spin (dark blue). I got mine for $3 at the semi-annual sale last spring, but I would definitely pay $10 for both colors. They go on easily and last all day. I use the black more than the blue as I wear a smokey eye more than anything. I had bought Black Tied by MAC in April when I was in Vegas and HATED it the minute I put it on. I could not get any color to stick on my eyelid and I tried it different ways — with a shadestick and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion and the effort it took for Black Tied to go on, well I don’t have the time so I went back to my cheap Rimmel black eye shadow until I bought Fierce from VS. If you need a good black eye shadow I recommend Fierce over any other brand.

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

I have these literally all over the house! Love em! I have three in my purse cause I can just never decide on which flavor or shade of pink I want to wear when I am out. I have one next to my bed, a bunch in my bathroom, one in the computer room and one in my wheelchair pouch. They make your lips kissable soft and they come in all kinds of flavors.

MAC Cosmetics Shadestick

This is the ONLY MAC product I love. I have tried their eyeshadows, their pigments, and really none of it lives up to the price. However, their shadesticks are my world in making the perfect smokey eye. I use shadesticks as my eyeshadow base and it makes any color you put on top – POP! Gentil Lentil is the one I use the most, but I have Sharkskin for the bold dramatic looks, and a couple of the lighters ones, but those rarely get used by me, not because I don’t like em, I just can’t find any makeup looks that go with them yet.


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