Bitter Valentine’s Day

Yes, I am bitter this weekend of Valentine’s Day. It’s been almost a year since Nate and I broke up. To this day I still do not know why. Last year on this day we didn’t do shit. He didn’t “celebrate” Valentine’s Day and the dummy me said I was OK with that, but then it got me to thinking that he doesn’t send me flowers or chocolate on any other day of the year, he should at least on Valentine’s Day try and make and effort. I wasted too much of my time with him.

Trufully, I can’t remember the last time I actually celebrated Valentine’s Day and was happy with a guy. It seemed to always end right before it.

I have a right to be bitter on this happy love holiday that seems that everyone else gets to celebrate, but me. I want to find that guy who wants to spend Valentine’s Day with me, send me flowers on that day and any other day just because. I don’t need them often, but I don’t know too many girls that wouldn’t love to get flowers for no reason. I want to be that girl.

I have liked and disliked being single this past year. I get to do what I want. I dated a few guys here and there, but no one I could see myself with and dated some guys who are so shallow and ignorant that they don’t deserve my time.

I’m going to spend Valentine’s Day with Dale Jr. and watching the Daytona 500. He is the one man that has yet to hurt me, probably because I don’t know him, but that’s OK too.


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