Collective Soul Rocks North Dakota

This was my first Collective Soul show in four  years. I fully admit that I do not know or own any of their new stuff. I just never got into it and my passion for them lies in their old music that I enjoyed when I was in high school. I still to this day enjoy their rock songs more, but no one writes a better ballad then Ed Roland.

Quite honestly I wasn’t all that excited to go to this how. I dislike casino shows because you just don’t know what you are going to get for accessible seating and being that it is owned by Native Americans and on a reservation they don’t have to abide by ADA Regulations. Before I knew it dad had purchased two tickets so I guess I was going. I decided this might be one of the last few times I see Collective Soul live so I better cherish the opportunity while it is in front of me. They don’t come around here very often and lets face it, they can’t tour forever. I don’t know how many tours or new albums they have left in them.

When I got to my spot and got settled I decided to take a couple of pictures of my view with my Blackberry. No one is onstage, probably 15 minutes before showtime when I get a tap on my shoulder from security telling me there is no pictures. What the hell? How can you have a no picture rule in 2010? I think every cell phone made now comes with a camera these days. I don’t know how they can have a rule like this now with technology constantly getting better and smaller. That pissed me off because as I watched the show I had some fine photo opportunities. I did see some people take a few photos, but I wasn’t going to risk it since security was right next to me all night long.

I was hoping for a lot of old songs for this show and I got my wish. Of the 17 songs they played there were only two I didn’t know. I didn’t know what they opened with and I didn’t know the first song in the encore. It had Ed playing the piano and it was a good song, but not necessarily something I care for. I was totally excited to hear some oldies, but goodies – Listen, Where the River Flows, Gel, The World I Know, December, Needs, Heavy, and She Said acoustic. I was shocked to hear Shine in the middle of the show. So used to hearing it at the end and go out with a bang, but it’s a good song to pump up the crowd in the middle of the show too.

It was nice to end the night with Run and Ed playing his beautiful white guitar off the stage as everyone said goodbye and the crowd sang. Crowd participation was mediocre when Ed asked them to sing. I think the biggest surprise for me for the night though was December. Ed sang it like it was on the CD. I can’t tell you the last time I heard the ending of December the original way. I never cared for the fast paced version, but it was nice treat to hear the old version again. Run and Needs were beautiful and brought a tear to my eye and was happy that the only AC/DC they did was just a short part of the music and NO singing whatsoever between Hollywood.

Collective Soul was as lively as they were the first time I ever saw them 14 years ago at the age of 17.

Ed still has his quirky dance moves and after not seeing them for four years I never realized how funny some of them are. He doesn’t stop while he is up there, not at all. For 46 he moves pretty damn good. I dislike his blonde hair and the three musketeer mustache has to go. Someone should tell him he should dye the mustache to match if he is going to keep it. I would have given the opportunity. When they came out I thought there was something missing from the stage. It took three songs for me to realize Ed’s music stand with the lyrics was missing. I was so excited Ed finally learned the words to his songs only to be disappointed to find out they were all taped to the floor. It’s a little less tacky to have them taped to the floor I guess. There was a time long ago where he didn’t need either.

Dean is as gorgeous as the last time I saw him. I saw the photos of him where we all went what the hell happened to him, but the gorgeous Dean is back. He still looks/is high onstage, but man what I wouldn’t give to be a pair of his pants for a day. I’m not a butt girl by any means since I see enough of them sitting on a daily basis, but damn – he’s got one fine ass and then add the tight pants that sit oh so slightly below his waist makes for a lot of staring. On top of that he’s got the most adorable faces ever.

Those who know me know I still miss Ross, but Joel impressed the hell out of me Friday night. I still see him as the shy new guy, but saw a cuter more aggressive form of him come out that I haven’t seen yet. I can’t remember what song it was, but he jumped out into the middle of the stage for the guitar solo and you hear the women scream and he has this big sexy grin on his face and he is loving every minute of it. The man doesn’t age either. He face is the same face I saw back in 2000 when I met him in Steep. He still has great guitar moves. I liked the Joel I saw Friday night. His solos were tight and he looked comfortable onstage which is great to see.

Cheney is an awesome drummer. I was happy I was able to see him drum for once. I saw him a few times when he was in bands that opened for Sevendust, but where I was seated I could never see him drum. Friday night you couldn’t see his face for a second. No matter how slow or fast the song was his hair was in his face. Rock on Cheney!!

Will oh Will. Still the sly old fox on stage. He knows how to work a crowd from way in the back and especially when he comes up front which is not nearly enough. I still hate that he is stuck in the back and not moving around like he used to and no “Will Bob”. He has his curls back which I like. As much as I loved rubbing his bald head – he’s got awesome curls and with how cold it is up here – a shaved head is not wise.

I know I haven’t seen them in quite awhile and I had curly hair Friday night, but I don’t think any of them recognized me. Joel gets a pass since I have only met him a couple of times and Cheney was too far away, but Dean was pretty much in front of me and Ed and Will kept looking. It was kind of awkward. I kept getting looks like – where do I know her from? I know I have seen her before. I don’t think I have changed that much in the last four years, but maybe I have. I would have liked to have talked to them and maybe jog their memory a little bit. I mean after all – no pun intended – how can you forget little ‘ol me? I mean really.

All and all it was a great time. I hope I get to see them again soon – I’ll make more of an effort next time because when it comes to Collective Soul they sure know how to put on a great show from start to finish. Whether you enjoy their old or new music or a combination of both there live show is a must see.


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