Cabin Fever

I am so sick of the snow. Forget that whole crap that it makes everything pretty. There is just far too much of it and I am sick of it. Add the cold on top of it this has been one long, miserable winter. The   at the end of our driveway is seven feet high. SEVEN feet high! And how pretty is our Spring going to be when everything is going to be flooded. Wow, how’s that for optimism? As much snow as we have and everyone else has surrounding us — it’s almost a no brainer that somewhere is going to flood. Maybe not Sioux Falls, but other cities are.

The truck runs fine in the cold, however my lift and doors do not. They are run by hydraulics so if it’s really cold (which is most days in a SD winter) they take forever to open and shut. It makes me not want to go out. There have been times I have turned down my friends because it was below zero with wind chills even colder. I’d rather be warm and inside next to a heater, then cold waiting outside for my doors to shut. However, I am getting cabin fever!

I have been using my time wisely while being cooped up. I am exercising A LOT more, teaching myself how to cook, I’m turning into a little Rachael Ray with just throwing things together and things turning out yummy! It’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

Once this snow melts I am going to enjoy every single minute of life without snow and think about relocating before next winter hits.


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