New Guy

I met a new guy last night and his name is Gabe. He is super sweet and a good kisser and not too bad to look at either. I am not by any means getting my hopes up because it is far too soon for that, but we have talked a lot today.

He was kind of coy at first. I noticed him checking me out earlier, but he didn’t say anything. Next thing I know he is sitting next to me asking about my jewelry. We then started talking, eating ice cream cake (that was to die for), and taking pictures. After all that we were inseparable for the rest of the night.

The one thing I noticed about him that leads me to believe that he likes me was he paid more attention to ME then the dancing naked oiled up strippers that were literally five feet away from us. A guy has to be pretty smitten with you if he is going to ignore strippers to spend time with you. He bought me a rose, a drink, and a shot.

We are making plans to do something next week. The lift won’t deploy on the truck so I can’t go anywhere until that is fixed. He is planning on surprising me. I’m looking forward to it. Been awhile since I dated a guy that could actually plan a date. ¬†Hopefully, by Tuesday night we are on a date. :)


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