My Wellness Center Workout

This is my workout on most Tuesdays and Thursdays and I do this for about two hours. None of the equipment I use is accessible, but with help from my physical therapist it is all usable from a wheelchair. I am working out a lot more muscles then I could ever do at home.

I warm-up on the heavy bag. I like boxing this and my speed bag at home.

I get on the mat and get stretched by my physical therapist at least once a week. We also do balancing and trunk control exercises with and without weights.

Free weights/dumb bells ranging from 1lb to 15lb on the mat. I lay on my stomach and on my back (5 different arm exercises).

Weight bar on the mat. I’m not sure how heavy it was, but I think it was at least 30lb.  We added velcro weights to it.

Head dangling over the mat for tricep exercises. Three sets of 20.

Weight bar over my head in my chair with a spot – 25lb. One set of 10 – this is new.

Pull Down Bar (frontward and backward) doing two sets of 20.

Lat Pull (frontward and backward) doing two sets of 20.

Rotary Torso – transfer onto it and twist rotating sides.. Two sets of 20.

Jammer – two sets of 20 with each arm, one set of 20 with both arms.

This workout kicks my ass to say the least. I’m especially sore the next day. I hope to add laps to the track to this workout, but right now I am pooped out by the time this workout is over. We are going to experiment with a couple of other machines next week if we can find all the parts needed. I look forward to finding more equipment I can use.


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