Day 5: Something You Hope To Do In Your Life.

I hope to one day work for the Dallas Cowboys. It’s been a dream of mine probably since high school. Working for them would get me out of South Dakota and to a city and a team I truly love. I don’t have a specific job in mind, but possibly something in management. I would have one request that I get game days off so I can watch the games. Especially home games. I’d have a panic attack if I couldn’t see the games every week live. I would be a great asset to their ADA/Accessibility department, but pretty much I would be game for just about any job. Hell, I’d probably fold jock straps for a living (for good pay of course and ones that are CLEAN) if that meant working for the team. Ha ha ha! So if anyone knows Jerry Jones and wants to forward him my resume I am more then willing to give it to him. You just let me know!


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