Day 09: Someone You Didn’t Want To Let Go, But Bust Drifted.

My best friend Angie in elementary and middle school. We were inseparable back then, but when we hit high school we just drifted apart like we were total strangers. We lived across the park from each other and then in 7th grade my family moved not too terribly far from my old house, but far enough where we couldn’t see each other every day like we used to. I think back then we were like sisters especially how much time we did spend together. We were one of the few girls on the block and we didn’t like the other girl that was our age. Boy, you knew when we were in a best friend fight though because then we would want to play with her. How horrible is that? Angie had a younger sister, but she was about 4-5 years younger then us so it’s not like she had a lot in common with us. I’ve seen her a few times since high school and she is still nice as can be, but it’s just a hey how’s it going, catch up a little bit and move on our way.


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